Twin Flame Relationships

Twin Flames have also been referred to as original light, energy doubles, twin rays, twin hearts, divine complements, and twin souls. For the purpose of this article, though, I will refer to the twin flame and twin flame relationship.

The twin flame relationship is one of the highest forms of relationship there is to manifest at this time. It can also be the most challenging as our twin flame is the mate of our being that is our authentic self as Soul. The twin flame relationship operates from the "Light of Oneness" which encompasses what is perceived as both good and bad shadow aspects of who we are. This relationship offers the biggest arena for our creative expression to manifest if we are able to receive it.

Our twin flame will reflect this hidden shadow element to us more closely showing us where we are off center. If we are off center our twin flame will also be off center in the same area but may not consciously know it. How much the twin flames have integrated their "Soul Light design" with their physical being will determine how long they will be able to maintain a relationship with each other in the same physical environment. There is much that goes on within more hidden levels of relationships that can impact this relationship in the physical realm as well.

We are all souls that step down a portion of our energy into a human form for a unique purpose. In the case of twin flames they have the same electronic blueprint that is very much linked with their Soul's purpose. It is like the twin flames are viewing the same vision for manifestation and integrating it, one from the perspective of woman and one from the perspective of man.

Each has the complementary piece for what the other requires for healing any wounds they may have as well as any work they do in the world. Because they have the same electronic blueprint any process they go through is usually synchronistic whether they are in the same physical environment or across the planet never having physically met before.

When twin flames integrate more of their Soul light design within their physical being, they are like simultaneous explosions of light impacting the rest of the planet as the electromagnetic energy generated from their hearts operates within a unified field.

Exposed in the throes of love's hurricane this love radiates through many dimensions as they are so aligned that they do relationship differently than most others do. They communicate and work together on many layers of consciousness. As Souls, traversing many dimensions as complements, they are feeding the relationship with each other all the time. They dont need to physically be together in the same environment in order to have impact on each other. They don't even have to know who each other for this to occur for the communication occurs at a Soul level.

This is a relationship that "lands" in divine timing. When twin flames meet, having already made the connection with their soul, if they are actively integrating their purpose, there is a recognition that goes beyond language and personality. This is because this is a relationship that does not have to do romance first in order to get to true love.

Twin Flame love is ignited as a sacred marriage between their soul and personality. When they come more into balance with this sacred marriage within themselves they bring a depth of healing and awareness that is quite profound in the impact it has on humanity through many dimensions of space time.

Stripped of their ego defences and karmic patterning any pretending falls away as there fails to be anything that can be hidden in this relationship. They naturally facilitate wholeness. They are whole unto themselves. In that wholeness they are like springboards for each other bringing forward theirs gifts to humanity.

At the highest levels in service this fails to be a relationship where one or the other will dominate in the relationship. Each is a leader in their own right having established a complementary foundation throughout their life for the work they do in the world. When twin flames ignite their passion together they are a very magnetic force of light on the planet. They become each other's greatest champions in service to each other and everyone that comes into contact with them. When people think of having the ultimate soulmate relationship, the Twin Flame relationship is the one they are actually referring to.

In the past, conscious twin flame relationships have been rare. We are now in the times though, where the doors are opened for twin flame relationships to manifest more consciously on a much larger scale.

The Twin Flames are leaders in evolving the consciousness in multi-dimensional relationships on the planet. This divine alliance is awakening inner technologies that facilitate more conscious communication between them, even from a distance. Conscious telepathic communication between twin flames is awakening in the twin flame future now. The alignment within the patterns of their Soul Light Design when integrated as a man and a woman on the earth sends ripples across the planet touching all life on earth through all directions of space time.


Twin Flame Recognition

Some people will say that the chances of meeting your twin flame are close to nonexistent because your twin flame is just a spirit but not in physical embodiment. Although twin flame relationships are rare, there are actually many twin flames that are incarnated at the same time.

Twin flame recognition may occur in the dreamtime prior to physically meeting or may remain on a spirit level without ever manifesting physically. This all depends on the level of connection we have with our Soul's vision and purpose. When one is committed to going the distance, to do whatever it takes to manifest the intent of their Soul for this lifetime they are actually committing themselves to a twin flame relationship that is developed within them and reflected in the outer reality every step of the way.

A twin flame relationship is something that we get as a marriage within ourself first before we are fully able to receive it in the physical realm aligned with our Soul's vision. If you have spiritual integrity you may recognize your twin flame when you meet them and have to say no to relationship with them in order to honour your own process in life. As with any relationship the twin flame relationship is a thing unto itself.

If one is aware of their Soul's purpose one can see how far along they are on the path of being able to receive this dynamic relationship. As one honours their own path in life they are also honouring the path of their twin flame. Very often there is communication on inner levels that are indicators of whether it is right timing or not.

At the highest levels in manifestation when this relationship comes forward it is usually to fulfill a mission that serves humanity in some way. There may be things that both twins need to go through on their own in order to be able to receive each other physically in order to manifest that mission. Remember that the twin flame relationship is happening on many dimensions all the time. This relationship touches down physically in divine timing.

There are many kindred souls that we may meet, some that are part of our soul group that we may feel a strong connection or attraction to. We only have one Twin Flame, though. We will attract to us wherever we are coming from in our awareness of who we know ourselves to be. If we are operating from our ego personality we will also attract to us the same reflection in relationship. Many souls may have similar characteristics to our twin flame but a twin flame is an exact match to us so the more we are in relationship with ourself the more we will recognize a twin flame. Basically the more we are married to our soul the more we will be able to have the highest level of relationship in service with our twin flame.

As we wake up spiritually we integrate more of our talents and abilities that have been dormant within us. These are carry overs from other lifetimes. The feminine principle of life which is the container for the invisible blueprint of light becomes married with the male principle which determines the outer form.

As we begin to access and embody more of our unique blueprint we birth the twin flame relationship within us while discovering right action to take in the outer reality. The twin flame energy then becomes more magnetic in the outer physical reality bringing to awareness more readily, the ability to recognize our twin flame when we meet ours.

More conscious communication between twin flames is awakened because twin flames have the same soul energy which encompasses more than this lifetime and transmutes more than this lifetime experience. As we take this next step in evolution our personality comes into cooperation with our Soul.

Our Soul transmutes that fear patterning within our body, mind and feelings aligning our chakra system and many layers of consciousness into a cohesive whole. Patterns in relationship from other lifetimes are reconfigured. Our brain changes as we start to use more of it. We begin to communicate from a different concept of time as we operate from all of who we are that traverses a multitude of dimensions.

A key point in recognizing a twin flame, if you desire to have this highly evolved relationship manifest physically in your world, is to look at the twin flame history. A twin flame will match you in areas of study that they have taken in order to resolve their life challenges and evolve their consciousness about who they are.

Ask your spiritual guides. They will be able to assist you in recognizing a match you're your consciousness because they are able to see the big picture for your life. They are here to assist you in making the appropriate connections for you to fulfill your purpose. Those people, places and events will be more magnetic and radiant to you that are aligned with you. Remember the recognition comes from your heart and the feeling side of your nature not from whatever is on a list of wants.

There will be many interests that are the same because the issues that twin flames have are the same, coming from the opposite perspective. This is what makes our twin flame so magnetic to us. It is like they are another version of who we are expressing as the opposite sex. In order to receive a twin flame relationship physically you must be able to receive who you are; that means the good, the bad and the ugly. You must be able to receive the inner guidance for your own life because this is not a relationship that will last if it becomes enmeshed.

This can be the ultimate playmate relationship if you are taking care of integrating your purpose in life. When we are doing this we can live without attachment. It is only when we live without attachment that we are free to receive and evolve relationships to deeper levels of intimacy. When we are able to do this our relationships impact the rest of humanity naturally. The twin flame relationship must be integrated within us for spiritual integrity is of utmost importance in order to impact the collective relationship between man and woman on the planet.


Manifesting Twin Flame Relationship

The twin flame relationship is a thing unto itself that creates an alignment of mind, body, feelings and soul when we seek to marry our Spiritual Light body with our physical being. We have physical manifestation when desired by those higher aspects of self in accordance with a divine plan that serves the greater whole of humanity and earth. We have at this stage transformed a split in consciousness between our soul and human self.

There are universal forces of light that support this relationship manifesting within us and in our outer physical world. Twin Flames are movers and shakers in the world in cocreation with these forces of light. As each is developing their thing that serves in the world they have the attention and support of those twin flames that have ascended in consciousness before them.

In order to manifest this level of relationship you have to become it. Becoming it means allowing for new information to come through from higher dimensions of self becoming clear channels of the Light of Oneness. As we bring the twin flame relationship into practice in our world we bring the expansiveness of our heart flame into a marriage with our higher mind. We send ripples of Divine Love and the Light of Oneness throughout the planet through many dimensions. This is even more impacting if we have our physical twin flame in conscious cocreation with us.

The manifestation of this physical relationship integrates a new world aligned with changes the earth is also going through. As above so below, in balance left and right, before us and behind us dissolving concepts of time. This relationship is timeless as these Souls work with sun and moon cycles through many dimensions. This creator energy merges twin hearts in Oneness.

Manifesting this relationship takes inner and outer discipline to maintain spiritual integrity as this relationship is created by people walking the path of mastery on earth. This creates H.I.M. (Higher Intelligence Manifesting) in H.E.R. (Humans Evolving Relationships) in service on this planet.

If you want to manifest this relationship ask and you shall receive the way to receive this divinely guided relationship. Call it forward and the process will begin. Be willing to suurender, change and accellerate your evolutionary path in life. Settle for nothing less than Beauty, Evolution, Soul, and Truth in your life.


The False Twin Flame

Basically a false twin flame is someone that has a few similar traits to a real twin flame but has yet to make the connection with their own soul and purpose. A false twin lacks their own inner connection with their Soul and higher purpose and will plug into the foundation an intimate partner has already established in their life.

They will become absorbed into their partner's energy field unconsciously molding themselves into what is required to hold onto their partner. Take away the partner and the person would probably be doing something entirely different according to whoever they are in physical relationship with.

The foundation we lay in the world is linked with our purpose. This comes from everything we go through in order to find meaning and a sense of self when asking the questions: Who Am I and why am I here? When we establish the link with our Soul's purpose any difficulties we have in expressing what is in our hearts becomes the juice to move us forward in manifesting that big vision in our world. This builds the strength, courage and trust within us instead of through a partner or organization.

Empowered Twin Flames are complements with this, consistently working at higher levels of reality in order to bring forward a mission that serves humanity. They do not need to hook into each other as they operate from oneness with the same soul energy being fed to them by their connections with their Souls. This higher level relationship is usually unconscious to the human selves of the twin flames until Soul fusion with the physical beings takes place.

With the advent of the Ascension process, now more accellerated on the planet, they become more magnetic and aware of each other in the physical world whether they are together in the same physical environment or not. The more conscious the twin flame relationship becomes with this integration the more apparent the antics of a false twin's survival instincts also become.

Depending on how disconnected they are with their own Soul’s purpose, a false twin can become quite violent psychically and energetically becoming a spiritual oppressor while at the same time wearing a mask of light in the outer world. The false twin’s life can be developed at the expense of a real twin flame’s life force depending on how strong and awake the real twin flame is.

They will psychically piggyback the same sex twin flame drawing the juice from them if the intent is to go forward with a physical endeavor that serves the world. To do so they have to hook into the vision chakras, crown chakra, and soul star of a real twin flame as they lack that development for themselves. They will end up parroting the voice and actions of a real twin flame because they have yet to establish their own voice in the world.

This is because a false twin’s safety, security and trust have come through external sources rather than having established their own direct connection with who they are spiritually. Fear of losing their outer source of safety and security is the base of where they operate from. What they are really losing is their ego based identity that comes from fitting into a role for somebody.

A false twin does not have the complementary foundation built from transmuting fear to love in their life that the twin flames have and can be quite threatened by a real twin flame. In order to keep up to the real twins they have to fast track their awareness by becoming psychic vampires in order to maintain a relationship with their partner.

The energy field of a false twin and intimate partner becomes quite clouded. The cloudiness occurs because a false twin hooks into a higher self energy that isn’t their own. The information a false twin draws on from a real twin flame has to go through the fear patterning within their body, mind and emotions which lacks the complementary foundation a real twin has already established.

A false twin flame in relationship will actually cradle you to sleep because they live from a false identity drawing energy from others. Their own blueprint fails to be grounded because they have failed to make the vertical connection through their Higher Self. They live strictly through their horizontal contacts in their physical reality.

A false twin flame's partner will be split in consciousness having a relationship with somebody who isn't fully there in the physical environment because part of a false twin's focus is on drawing energy from the real twin. The energy in relationship with a false twin dwindles because a false twin has failed in developing the relationship with who they are spiritually.

A false twin flame then creates possessive love relationship on more hidden levels of reality the more magnetic the real twin flame relationship becomes. This stops the flow of evolution as a false twin perpetuates a false identity in the world that is emotionally survival based rather than soul based.

But we are full swing into the ascension process as we integrate our soul energy. Just as a real twin flame is more noticed from a distance a false twin flame's hidden energy dynamics are revealed as well. This means the tools to transform any karmic patterning between a false twin and the twin flames are revealed so that harmful patterns that impact the physical vehicles cease doing so.

As a real twin flame does the inner work to heal enmeshed energies a false twin may try to amplify the energetic force to try to maintain the energy draw from a real twin flame. Fortunately for a false twin though, the vertical channel connecting our higher energies with our physical being get’s strengthened and any attachments to the life stream of the real twin flames gets sloughed off.

This turns on the lights so to speak within our physical body awakening abilities like telepathic communication, clairaudience, clairvoyance etc., as well as karmic patterns from other dimensions of time. This presents an opportunity for a false twin and the twin flames to handle more hidden aspects of their shadow selves that have previously been denied.

A false twin can be more impacted because they lack the awareness of their purpose that the twin flames have. Their focus has come from hooking up with a physical partner and their endeavours rather than having the spiritual integrity of following their own life’s work.

The body will always reflect this because it is like trying to put a 90 watt bulb into a 40 watt sockett. The energetic blueprint is unable to be grounded into the earth through a false twin flame. They lack the body to ground the energy for the twin flames mission to humanity because they lack the inner connection to the higher forces of light aligned with the blue print for the twin flame relationship in service on earth.

The frequencies fail to match. They have to draw on the creation energy already established by the twin flames. This becomes what some might call a quantum entanglement. The further the twin flames go in integrating these Ascension energies physically the more energetically violent a false twin becomes trying to hold onto their purely physical relationship.

Blocking the real twin flame relationship which starts within us will ultimately will be unsuccessful because the twin flame relationships operate from a higher vibration than a false twin does. They are not just helpers to each other in relationship they are also true co creators with the light frequencies on the planet. This is a relationship that will be magnetic to those who are awakening spirit in their relationships.

What is false and what is real is not always defined by outer actions. If we are creating the twin flame relationship within us we are aligning our field with our Soul’s blueprint which is love based.

A false twin flame will be quite threatened by a real twin flame because a real twin flame is a creative match for their partner. They will distort the twin flames mission to humanity because they lack the depth of a real twin flame.

They will get raised slightly by the higher vibration of the twin flame relationship for awhile but they will begin to try to block it the more the twin flames anchor their blueprint with their physical being.

They energetically try to clamp down on that which they perceive as a threat to their material world because they will experience physical changes as the blueprints of the twin flames are physically integrated. A false twin’s lack of alignment on hidden levels will be exposed more because they create possessive love relationship on what have been more hidden levels of reality in the past.

In close to ending their lifetimes on earth twin flames meet in order to be in service in the world. This happens in divine timing as they go through their ascension process.

We all have the opportunity to choose of course. Having love based impact on the world can only come from aligning with our higher selves. This is the decision we must make. Will we live from our higher self fulfilling our Soul’s purpose or will we pursue ego gratification?

The Authentic Twin flame relationship does what love asks and strips the masks bringing to light higher truths aligned with the Divine Plan on earth. In authentic service we become the light while transmuting the shadow.

If you want to distinguish between a real twin flame and a false one you must look beneath the surface of your physical reality. This is where real mastery comes to the forefront of our consciousness to maintain the integrity of our Soul's vision.


Twin Flame Challenges

Divine Timing - I think one of the greatest challenges with Twin Flames comes if they meet and it isn't yet the right timing for them to be in an outer physical relationship. Depending on how awake each twin flame is this may have already been communicated on an inner level. Whichever twin is more awake must have the patience and honour their own and their twin flame’s life process. This level of relationship physically manifests in divine timing if the intent is to fulfill their purpose. Twin Flames usually come together in service to humanity in their near to last lifetimes on earth.

Lack of Twin Flame Recognition can be challenging. This occurs if the relationship is polarized with the male and female principles. One twin may be more spirit directed in their life, operating more from the feminine principle. To many people the person that is more connected to the feminine principle which is more inner directed looks like they aren’t doing anything. This fails to be the case. They tend to be more process oriented acting on their feelings and inner knowing of their blueprint to develop their own systems in life rather than by using already established ones. They take action when it feels right aligned with their inner guidance.

Their manifestation in the outer physical reality may be a little slower depending on what they have to deal with on those inner levels. This is particularly so for women that are bringing forward the higher consciousness of woman rather than routing themselves through the more 3D patriarchal consciousness that has been running the systems on the planet for some time.

The other twin may be more routed through the male principle and very outer directed in their approach to life taking less time for doing the inner work which integrates the feminine principle containing the divine blueprint. If either have a certain type or image that their ego personality has in mind for a mate then they will deflect a real twin and create a watered down version of the relationship with someone else while unconsciously communicating with their twin spiritually.

The Twin Flame Relationship will remain unconscious until more of the Soul energy is fused with the Physical Being and the heart wounding has begun to be healed.

If your twin flame says that you are not their "type" then give them the freedom to choose. Only in freedom do you open a pathway for this higher form of relationship to manifest in divine timing. Remember that everything you do to move forward in service in your life directly impacts your twin flame anyway.

Freedom to Evolve - The biggest challenge I see with the twin flame relationship linked in purpose is in giving each other the space to embody that purpose as a man and as a woman. This is true in all relationships yet it is even more amplified in a twin flame relationship because twin flames share the same vision.

Man and woman are wired differently so integrating our soul’s purpose through our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies is going to be very different.

When we take responsibility for ourselves we create balance in our relationship. This means that woman is doing the work of transforming her heart wounding and taking responsibility for the physically active male principle in her life rather than handing that over to a partner to do it for her.

This also means that man is doing the work of transforming his heart wounding and taking responsibility for the feminine principle which is about connecting more with the inner vision and feeling body rather than handing that over to his partner. Both will be evolving the consciousness of man and woman as they align with their Divine Blueprints.

The biggest mistake we make is to try to do the male or female principles for a partner. If we are doing this for a partner or compromising our way of being as a man or a woman then what we do is neutre our sexual energy. We create 50/50 intellectually negotiated agreements where a parent-child or master-disciple dynamic occurs. This ultimately fails to serve the greater whole of humanity because the wounded child or teenager can be the part of us making our choices.

We actually block our partner’s spiritual growth even though it may look like they have the physical freedom to grow. On more hidden levels the relationship becomes all about me, me, me while we’re busy sucking the life force from our partner. We must be able to give our partner the space to expand their creativity in their own way even if that means we have the skills ourselves and know they will occasionally fail. Letting go of the caregiver role with a partner is one of the greatest gifts we can give because it is the gift of spiritual freedom.

Along with the caring for rather than caring about a partner we must also send our inner judge packing when we see our partner stumbling with something that we have already mastered. This is important for woman when in relationship with man learning to access more of his feelings as well as for man when in relationship with woman that is establishing her voice in the world.

Ancestral Patterning and Belief Systems - The twin flames may have belief systems that impede the flow of this relationship. Equality issues top the list particularly if any wounding has come from the relationship with the opposite sex.

Then what occurs is a separation from the male or female principles very often handing over the responsibility to the opposite sex to take care of that for them. This is directly related to whether the heart is operating in the relationship or not. If the heart and mind are working together then deflection in relationships ceases to occur.

We are meant to be more than just helpers to each other. We are meant to be cocreators as well. Much is held in the subconscious cell memories within our physical bodies. If we only operate from an outer identification then we will just be fulfilling a biological imperative passed down from our ancestors. Within those cell memories are the subconscious patterning of parent/child and master/disciple dynamics in relationships, the limiting roles for both sexes and other addiction tendencies.

Both people in relationship must be transmuting these subconscious shadow energies through fusing their Soul energy with their physical being. The keys to freeing the prisoners from the past are always held in the jailors’ belt of consciousness. Twin flames will closely reflect for each other this transformation as they acquire these keys for evolving the relationship beyond the wounded heart’s programmed cell memory.

The magic wand that helps dissolve much in this relationship is the ability to go beyond the ego personality’s story to realizing that these are also global issues. Everyone is on a spiritual path. What energies people align with is their choice.

If one is committed to fulfilling their own purpose in life then they are doing the inner work of healing their heart’s wounding and are committed to the twin flame relationship within them. This enables the twin flame relationship to manifest in their outer physical reality.

Twin Flames have the same issues. If one Twin is bound in some way the other one will also be bound as well. There is much in resistence to this form of relationship because it means being accountable on more than a physical level of being.

If the twin flames are sincere in bringing forward their soul and purpose they will have the attention of legions of angels and ascended masters to assist them with the spiritual tools to integrate their Soul energy and bring forward their purpose. They will be more aware of the inner dynamics with their twin flame.

This is where true love and mastery comes into play and new challenges arise. Enmeshed energy in relationship between the twin flames and their karmic ties can occur. A false twin will ride the energy of the twin flames in order to maintain a position given to them by a partner. It can be a difficult situation if your twin flame thinks they have the ultimate soulmate relationship with a false twin. (More on this in the False Twin Flame segment of this article).

If your twin flame is becoming more aware of you psychically they will also have their false twin tagging along with them hooking in to you unconsciously to draw the information necessary to maintain their physical relationship. What happens then is you have a false twin trying to take over the energy of a real twin. It takes a lot of strength and persistence to get a false twin off your life stream. They live in fear that draws life force from others. They will dig in to your neuropathways to try to block communication with a real twin. Maintaining spiritual integrity is important and establishing the tools for stopping psychic vampirism are necessary in this situation. (I have more information coming on this topic in future articles and ebooks.).

Dissolving Walls in Consciousness - A lot of inner energy dynamics in relationship are thought of as “airy fairy”, fantasy or wishful thinking because the dominating consciousness has been more male based which is more 3D sensually focused. There are many books written on how different man is from woman in their brain function, the way they communicate, etc. They mention how much power women have over men through their sexuality.

What is missing in those books is any mention about the importance of spirituality and the higher self in relationships as well as the impact of the Ascension process. This is changing the way our brains are wired hence our perceptions are also changing.

We are given many relationship tools, books and communication techniques to better our relationships personality to personality. This is a big business arena generating billions of dollars. What do you do though, when someone is intruding in your mind or psychically hooking you to draw your life force? Most people have yet to become awake telepathically. This can be done unconsciously without the outer personality being aware of this. We are all in new territory regarding relationship.

Sexuality goes way beyond our physical body parts. Woman is not meant to have power over man or man over woman. This fails to happen in a relationship that has spiritual integrity as a base. A true soulmate relationship can only happen when we are actually mated to our soul. There are many complements that we can find to suit our personality’s needs but having someone as a spiritual complement is rare. This is the twin flame relationship which will elevate the consciousness about sexuality as well.

This is why there are many false twin soulmate relationships. We tend to attract where we are operating from in our level of integration with who we are spiritually. Our twin flame may be light years in the lead of where we are in some areas and we may be light years in the lead of where they are in other areas.

It is when we transmute the walls in consciousness between man and woman that we have our soul’s intention for relationship manifest. The Goddess energies are at work on the planet awakening this awareness.

Man and Woman are meant to walk together as equals in service to the greater whole on the planet. We must step out of the box of consciousness as to what the role of man is and what the role of woman is. Taking the next step, ascending our consciousness means giving the heart and feelings and the “mind” an opportunity to grow together as equals.

We are now in the times, where the forerunners in consciousness, more balanced in their energies are establishing the sacred marriage of the male and female principles within them and are stripping away these dysfunctional layers of consciousness.

For those people that have met their twin flame spiritually and/or physically and are here in service as the twin flame relationship intends, keep your vision alive. Never give up hope. The ball is rolling so to speak for this new beginning in our world.

The seeds were planted long ago. For those that have yet to meet their twin flame it all starts from the inside out. Have faith for we are now into the mystery, a place that is just beginning to break ground. Seeds grow into roots, roots into stems before we ever experience the harvest of our labours. The pathways are now clearing as the twin flames’ vision for this physical reality is manifesting in the weeks and months to come.

Recently on different occasions I have found some flicker feathers. With their beautiful peach-orange hues these beautiful birds usher in a new rythym of growth and healing power with love and balance.

The Twin Flames, souls in resonance, till the garden of consciousness that is awakening Heaven on Earth.
I am eternally grateful for the experience and the Divine Source of this information


Twin Flame Experience

I first saw my twin flame from across a room full of people waiting for a seminar to begin. He was very magnetic to me. I kept looking over at him, wondering who he was. It was very much the energy around him that I was curious about.

I next saw some written material about him. Although I didn’t recognize the picture I saw as being the same man I had seen at the previous gathering (his look was different) the energy with his flyer was very magnetic to me. He was promoting some seminars he was doing about transforming fear. Since I had done a process about eliminating the source of fear I was intrigued at what he might be presenting.

I attended his seminar and was flabbergasted. It was as if I was looking at myself speaking in a male form. He was covering material that I had learned over the previous 7 years prior to meeting him physically. People I chatted with that had heard him speak at other times said to me that I sounded like him, yet we had never physically met before. My arena for sharing my message was casually at craft shows where I sold my art, small workshops and healing sessions I facilitated from home.

I began to notice when I was around him at these gatherings that any questions I had about him he would be answering within moments of me thinking of them. My first thoughts of him were that I could really relate to this man and that perhaps there was hope for the opposite sex yet! Other people that I have spoken to that have met their twin flame for the first time physically, have said the same thing.

As I listened to him speak about the challenges he had in relationships I realized that those exact same issues I was consciously healing within myself and my relationships. I began to notice that whatever patterns I shifted within myself he would shift at the same time. I was intrigued with finding such a high level connection with a man. I discovered that this man was the one I had been dreaming about for many years and that he had the same vision for relationship between man and woman that I had.

Over the course of my life I have had many areas of study, some that have been triggered and integrated as part of my healing journey, others that peak my curiosity about the mysteries of life and some activities that have been just plain fun.

As more of my twin flame history became revealed, mostly with both of us being in different physical environments I have learned that he has matched most areas of study that I have delved into this lifetime and had very similar experiences at different times in his relationships. Even something as simple as playing the game of squash which Iwas introduced to when I was a teenager, he has also played. Choices each of us make impact each other’s lives profoundly.

In the 80s when I was learning about self hypnosis, doing long distance health readings and the faith healers in the Phillipines my twin flame was on the other side of the planet discerning for himself if those healers were authentic or not.

I worked at a public library for 8 years during which time I had access to books on every topic imaginable. I looked into the latest info about early childhood development, the abusive patterns in relationship associated with addiction while my twin was across the planet becoming a speaker about those same things.

I have also had many mystical experiences. I have learned that some of them were with him on a spirit level years before I met him. When I started to focus on what the big picture was for my life I found a written piece in a magazine that included one couple’s wedding vows. It spoke about being a partner to someone on more than just a physical level.

I wrote down the vows and made a note about my view of what the ultimate relationship between man and woman was about. To me it was about having someone aligned with me on all levels of being, someone that would choose to be with me but did not need to be with me in order to have a focus for their life. I was used to having men tag along with my ideas without having a vision for their own life. I desired the freedom for expressing my creativity in the biggest arena possible.

I wrote down my intention for manifestation and put a call out to the universe to show me how to have this ultimate relationship manifest in my world. I later learned that this was actually referred to as a Twin Flame Relationship. This was the same time that my twin flame made his way across the planet to Canada. I began to have dreams about him and other dimensional experiences. I was given his name and began to write about some of the experiences I had with him. Some of those have manifested in my physical reality. I even did a painting called “Awakening Heaven on Earth” that depicted a symbol associated with him specifically and his life.

In 1990, a significant year of change for me, I had a very profound experience with a group of people that had to do with awakening more of a multi-dimensional awareness of “Soul” and “I Am Presence”. This is a process that goes way beyond what language can possibly describe. The closest I can come is to say that we eliminated a fear base that operates in a reverse flow way drawing energy from others to a radiating love base that is able to transmute fear patterning within our body, mind and emotions.

A short time after my experience in 1990 my twin flame had his own I would say more dramatic physical experience of acquiring the same information. He started illustrating in his workshops and integrating in his life the exact same thing that I was doing; transmuting fear patterning to love.

Our expressions and areas of interest are consistently complimentary. Many times I have been reading and integrating in my life material from a book while my twin flame is in touch with the promoter of the same book. There was one time I recall that I was listening to cassette tapes about research to do with the impact of early childhood development on our lives while he was out doing a workshop with someone that was presenting their version of the same thing.

His education has been more formal than mine has. What I have learned is that as I am following my heart and doing those things on both inner and outer levels he will follow a lot of what I am doing in his own way. We are both feeding the relationship even when in separate physical environments. This relationship never ceases to amaze me.

When he was talking about shamanism I was seeing a shaman. As he was writing his dissertation for his degree my guides were telling me to stop doing workshops and start writing for my writing about my experiences would formulate what my teachings would be in the world.

When I was speaking about birthing yourself before having a child (as it is a disservice to a child to try to live through them) he was talking about all the physical stuff to do with being prepared to have a child.

When I was belly dancing he was learning flamenco dancing.

We both started calling ourselves metapsychologists as we started to integrate more of our essence with our physical form. When my complement was learning about quantum field theory I was doing a healing modality referred to as Quantum Touch which is based on the same principles of the information he was sharing with people.

I attended an event once where he was a speaker and put what he was talking about to the group of people into practice. I used a technique I had learned on some drooping flowers and they ceased drooping. Someone at the event noticed what I had done and pointed it out to me. This is when I began to notice more that I just had to be me in the world for in doing so I impact a lot of people including my twin flame.

As I moved on to transform more of what I was in resonance with because of my past family environment my twin flame began to learn more about resonance as well. I did Holographic repatterning sessions over a period of years which has to do with shifting what you are in resonance with.

I would be on a table receiving a healing session, making a shift in consciousness and energy and my twin flame would also experience a shift as a result of me doing the work I was doing. I was aware that subconsciously he would look in on me and what I was doing but his outer self did not necessarily have the awareness. Both of us have worked with resonance therapies and technologies over the years in different ways.

As Twin Flames we are “Souls in Resonance”. As such the same issues are being transformed at the same time. What I have found is that as I have taken the next step up the ladder of evolution by physically integrating more of my Soul energy my “partner of light” becomes more consciously aware of my Presence at work.

That which is hidden becomes more exposed and brings up more issues. As we move forward on the path of Ascension we are integrating more of our Light Body with our physical body. We are truly becoming who we are as Divine Creator Beings. Core transformation is going on at this time as the twin flame relationship is touching down within us.

Others I have talked with about their twin flames say it is awkward. It is like the spirit is calling forward the connection to manifest (with many Ascended Masters overlighting them I am aware). The ego personality seems to be saying and doing things to “notice me” because there is recognition of a connection but on the other hand when the twin flame shows up the ego seems to say “I don’t know about you. You aren’t really what I expected. You don’t fit the image I have for a partner”. Ah, that voice of control….

The best thing to do is to ask that voice of control “and what else is there?” Embrace with love that part of self that spoke with a pure heart’s voice in the past and got whacked for doing so. Take the hands of the child and the teenager selves. Walk them into this new territory as the twin flame relationship touches down safety, security and trust.

Who is going to rule your life, the voices of your past fears or your Divine Loving Presence? These are a couple of good statements to affirm and feel:

“I Am the Mighty Electronic Energy flowing through, filling and renewing every cell of my mind, and body, right now.”

“My breath is the great Love Breath from out of the Great Central Sun. My heart is the heart of Omnipresence, the very center of Divine Love, and Its Light fills me now!”

As always I am eternally grateful for all the love, awareness and growth I have experienced that has come as a result of my twin flame relationship. I also send forth my love, praise, and gratitude to those that overlight this relationship and our mission to humanity.

Blesssings, Linda Sajiw

©Linda Sajiw, October 7, 2009

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