* Introduction to the Twin Flame Relationship
* Clearing Karmic Ties
* Integration of the Twin Flame Relationship


Introduction to the Twin Flame Relationship

I talk about how to recognize a Twin Flame Relationship, why it is significant at this time of our evolution and what it takes to manifest this level of relationship in the world. I discuss the challenges and the reasons why freedom is an essential base for this relationship in order for the higher purpose of both individuals and this union to become a physical reality.


Clearing Karmic Ties

Our society tends to have a romantic view of what a soulmate is. There are many souls that we have been with before that we could mate with but the Twin Flame Relationship is the next step, a match in purpose. Those people that have recognized their Twin Flame in the world usually have gone beyond a romanticized view of life and relationships. Many people can pass by their twin flame on the street and not recognize them, for true recognition comes from the Soul and a knowing of purpose. This fails to be a knowing from intellect rather it is a knowing that comes from a deeper place within our heart’s flame. Romanticized love looks at the world from an outer personality perspective and operates more from a collective Idealized concept of love based on meeting each other’s needs.

When we are connected to our purpose we can recognize the purpose for relationship. This has nothing to do with how a person acts towards us. If we are concerned so much about how a person acts towards us then the relationship is all about our own ideals or wishful thinking rather than a higher purpose for the relationship that serves in the world. If we are truly coming from our hearts with a sincere desire to evolve relationship then we will have impact on those people that are in resonance with us. As I, a woman on the path of service, take action in the physical world from the blueprint within my heart’s flame I create an opening for my twin flame to more easily access the blueprint within his heart’s flame that compliments mine.

True love comes from the Soul connection and sees not only the positive but the negative aspects of the relationship and is able to acquire the tools from spirit in order to transform it to fulfill a higher purpose.

Where there is a resonance in purpose there will be impact because the Soul is then in command of the outer world aligning those people whose pieces of the cosmic puzzle fit. There are karmic ties in all relationships because we are all in a place of evolution and we have a history. The Twin Flame Relationship isn’t any different. All we can do is clear our own part in any negative behavior patterns and resonant energies within the relationship that may interfere with the growth of the relationship and the highest evolution of our Twin Flame. We are not responsible for anybody else’s spiritual growth. We cannot do the spiritual work for our Twin Flame. We can only engage in the relationship at the level that it is occurring. As we clear our karmic ties the history of discord in our etheric records is transmuted. This frees up the energy for the Soul to create the space in the physical world that allows the relationship to be in present time aligned in service. This vibration goes out to our Twin Flame wherever they are on the planet and they are able to act in accordance with the intent of the Twin Soul Alliance.


Integration of the Twin Flame Relationship

The number one reason why so many relationships split up is because there is a lack of alignment with the Soul and the Higher Purpose for the relationship. This means coming into balance with the male and female principles of life within us. This is going to look different for a man than it does for a woman.

If a man or woman is still coming from his or her ego looking for that gratification, nurturance or protection from their partner then we have the circumstances that we have in the world with people that change relationships like they change their socks. When one or the other person is unable to fulfill the other’s needs then the relationship ends.

In order to integrate the Twin Flame Relationship we have to integrate and follow our own Soul and Higher Purpose in life. If either person lacks an alignment with their Soul and higher purpose then the outer manifestation goes to a lower vibration creating enmeshed relationship.

When we have the balance of the male and female principles of life within us we have an alignment with our Souls purpose. This means we have our inner self in harmony with our outer self, our higher mind with our heart, and we create a new world.

In these classes we integrate the information from our Future Self and the Future Twin Flame Relationship that is living this relationship in the physical world. We practice the disciplines necessary to achieve the Ultimate Relationship with ourSelf and the tools necessary to awaken the Twin Flame Relationship in the physical reality.

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